is it safe to use rental dresses now in this pandemic situation?

We deliver the product to you after dry-cleaning. In our perspective this is far better than buying a new dress which goes through multiple touch-points with no dry-cleaning. 

To ensure your safety, we are following all the guidelines laid by the Government of India. Additionally, we make sure all our products are thoroughly dry-cleaned to see the backside of any germs. Your hygiene continues to remain at the top of our priority list. Also, when you return the product, it goes through a process of dry-cleaning/sanitization immediately. We work with the following parameters: 

  1. Dry clean- After every usage, the product is sent for dry cleaning to make it bacteria-free and spotless.
  2. Steam Iron- The respective garment is then iron steamed to get rid of any wrinkles that remained after the process of dry cleaning. 
  3. Quality check- Before packaging the product, the product is carefully examined to check for loose threads and creases. If any flaws are found, it is repaired there and then.
  4. Packaging- After all the three processes are achieved, finally your dream garment is packaged and dispatched to your address.